Welcome to “The Day Magic Died”.

Nothing like a night at sea in one of the worst storms you can imagine. Things do get better, though. You arrive at a small port town to see smoke up in the mountains from ruins. What has happened? Things in the lands have gone awry. Could you be one of the few hero’s that can cut through the twisted truths and believable lies to restore order and (hopefully magic) to the lands before all is lost? Or, will this truly be “The Day Magic Died”. It is up to you to decide.

This is a campaign that is currently in the design stages. The plans are for it to become a pc-game, module, and book. There will be a series of three books (trilogy). There are certain races and classes that are pertinent to the story line. If someone plays one of these classes, that is good. Very few will know which races or classes are pertinent to the story. If you are good enough, you may become a “magic member”. To become a member will require a lot of time and dedication on your part. There is a lot of time and energy going into this campaign. If you are interested in becoming a “magic member” please send Mousser or Usagi a message and we will give you more details.

The Day Magic Died

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